Mattresses for babies and kids in natural materials

Our natural mattresses are made of coconut, latex, wool and organic cotton.

Coconut fiber is a vegetable fiber that has good resilient properties and allows air to pass through. It gives the mattress good ventilating capacity. Coconut fiber also keeps the shape well over time.

Natural latex is made from milk juice from the rubber tree. Latex is elastic and adapts to the child's body and provides optimal support and the best comfort. The natural latex used in the Summerville organic mattresses is tested to be safe.

Wool gives extra softness to the mattress. Wool also has natural anti-bacterial properties and is good at ventilating and transporting moisture. Wool also warms nicely when it is cold.

Organic cotton is the outer fabric of the mattresses.

Our mattresses are made of renewable materials that are fully biodegradable. They are a climate smart choice, kind to both children and our environment!

Summerville organic offers mattresses made of organic cotton, coconut fiber, natural latex and wool.

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Summerville organic are high quality products - the best for your baby.

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