Baby bath

Some babies love to take a bath, others are not really fond of it. If your baby likes it bathing time can be a really cosy time together.

Make sure you have everything ready before you start, remember a cosy hooded towel to wrap your baby in, after the bath. Temperature of the water should be same as body temperature. Test it by dipping your elbow a part of your arm to really feel the temperature. Use a drop of bathing oil or olive oil in the water, if you want, but be careful since it will be a little but slippery, make sure you have a firm grip on your baby.

Have the bath cape ready so you can wrap you baby in something afterwards. Make sure you dry carefully everywhere, no water left under arms or in between folds of the skin.

In our bathing range you find soft, hooded towels , bath robes and wash cloths and changing towels. for the daily care.

Summerville organic offers hooded towels, bathrobes and wash cloths in organic cotton that are kind to the baby´s sensitive skin. The products are certified according to GOTS strict requirements for organic production but also social factors and care for people and the environment.

Welcome to shop our products online or at one of our retailers.

Summerville organic are high quality products - the best for your baby.

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