Washcloths & care towels

Organic, gots-certified washcloths and care towels for your daily baby care. 

Our soft washcloths in 100% organic cotton have many uses and are perfect for the baby's daily washing and diaper changes. They are also handy when breastfeeding or bottle-feeding and to put over the shoulder for the baby´s burp.

 The washcloths are organic, GOTS certified and kind to the child's sensitive skin. 

When you are washing the baby with the washcloth moistened with warm water, start with the eyes, inside and out. After that wash the face and continue down over the body. Wash soft but thoroughly in all folds of skin, under the arms, in the neck folds and under the chin. These areas often get hot and humid, which can cause irritation. 

Finish by wiping of the baby with a dry washcloth or care towel.

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