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When you buy a Summerville organic product, you contribute to a healthier environment and at the same time as you receive an organic baby product of very high quality.

Most of our products are GOTS-certified. That means that our products are made of GOTS-certified organic cotton, grown by farmers who receive fair pay and can live on their wages. Around organic cotton growing is a good environment, no pesticides are allowed, the water quality is protected and soil erosion is prevented.

From the organic cotton, a fabric is made according to GOTS and Oeko-Tex 100 standard. Colouring is done with non-toxic colours, approved by GOTS. The fabric is then turned into finished products by skilled tailors who can live on their salaries and who work in a healthy and nice environment.

The final products are entitled to carry the GOTS-logo, complete with a certification number to be traceable. 

The complete process, from the cotton growing to production and warehousing, is controlled on a yearly basis by GOTS-certifier. Everything to make sure that all is done according to GOTS-standard. No exceptions can be made if the product is to be GOTS-certified.

The final GOTS-certificate for the products are held by BabyNord AB since Summerville organic is a brand from BabyNord AB, i.e searchable in the GOTS-database on BabyNord AB. 

Finally, we have a certified organic baby product of highest quality. A product that has not been in contact with chemicals and therefore is gentle on baby's skin. Products that we are proud of and hope you'll love as much as we do.

The pictures above are from one of our production sites in India and the photos are taken during one of our visits.






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Summerville organic is a Swedish brand established in 2012.


GOTS-certified products made from organic cotton.

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